Synesa Solutions is a pioneer in combining process mining and simulation

It's finally available!

A software solution that combines process mining and simulation in a new way. Synesa Solutions eDromos process mining software allows you to extract the relevant information from rich data sets and to transform it into a visual process model and statistics. And that’s not all. eDromosToSim conversion tool can transform the process model into a simulation model. Simulation experiments allow you to explore and evaluate how different changes to your process affect its performance–risk free and before implementing any changes to your current process.

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Synesa Solutions offers process-based operation development and monitoring for organisations. We currently operate mainly within the field of social and health care.

Our methods have been scientifically proven to work.


We have over ten years of research and operation development experience within the social and health care sector.


eDromos constructs a fact-based analysis of the current operations and helps identify areas of development.


We have vast experience in developing the operations of primary and special health care as well as social services.