Synesa Solutions offers process-based operation development and monitoring services for big and medium-sized organisation. Many of our clients operate in the field of social and health care. We offer our clients tools for data analysis and monitoring as well as operation development. Due to our research background and vast experience in the social and health care sector, we can provide our clients with quality tools and methods for data analysis and operation development.

Agreeing on mutual goals with our clients is the starting point for every project. All the development projects are conducted in close collaboration with customer organizations. Involving the staff in each phase of the development process has a crucial role in successful projects.

Even though Synesa Solutions is profiled as a professional in the field of social and health care, our long-term plan is to expand our operations to other industries. The main principles of data analysis and operation development are similar in many other industries where the mobility of humans and material is involved. Within a few years we hope to expand to such industries as banking, insurance, logistics and trade.



Enabling wisdom

All our actions are guided by clear added value – enabling wisdom and wise solutions by realizing people and organizations through facts, visual information, statistics and simulation.

Customer orientation

We listen, understand and help our customers. The delivery and development of our services are guided by the genuine needs of our customers. Our services enable our customers to meet their individual needs.

Transparency and reliability

Our operations are based on openness and reliability. As a result of our solutions, operations are made transparent, based on facts, which quality you can rely on.

Comprehensive and continuous development

We continuously develop our customer and partner relationships, services and capabilities, making wise and pragmatic use of customer experiences and needs, as well as valid research results and market information



Our vision is to be the world leading operations management software company in the social and healthcare sector.



Our mission is to enable wisdom through fact-based intelligent solutions to allow organizations to manage, develop, and track activities on a knowledge-based basis, enabling comprehensive and continuous performance development.