Synesa Solutions provides organisations with tools that help them develop and monitor their operations.

We currently work mainly with social and health care organisations. However, our services bring benefits to any organisation that wants to harness the data stored in their database. Most commonly these organisations operate within a field where the mobility of either humans or material is present.

eDromos - the meaning of the name

Dromos is s Greek word meaning a road or path. In architecture it is a building’s entrance passage or avenue. As a name it represents the process path networks that eDromos software extracts from complex data, and the significant discoveries to which they lead to.

We offer the following services

eDromos constructs an analysis of the current operations in the organisation. From this analysis it is possible to identify the most problematic areas in the operations. eDromos can be used both on a project basis and as a monitoring and benchmarking tool for continuous use.

We currently provide eDromos as a consultancy service where we work in close collaboration with the customer organisation. In 2016 our goal is to launch eDromos as a licensed product that organisations can use independently to monitor and develop their operations.

eDromos Process Mining Tool, download brochure here

Discrete-event simulation (DES) helps organisations plan and test different development ideas. With DES it is possible to mathematically analyse various development ideas and their effects on the operations in the organisation. After the analysis the best ideas are chosen for implementation. DES can be used for developing a completely new way of operating or for evaluating the impact of development procedures on the existing operations.

We offer discrete-event simulation as a consultancy service where we work in close collaboration with the customer organisation.

eDromosToSim Conversion Tool, download brochure here